Best Electric Nail Files Guide 2016-Electric Nail Drill Guide

These days, best electric nail files have become so common that they hardly need an introduction. However, this was not the case a few best electric nail filesyears ago. Salons and nail technicians were quite apprehensive about using this technology, despite its innumerable benefits. Things have changed drastically in the recent years, and electric nail files have become an integral part of almost every decent nail salon and beauty salon. This however, does not mean that they are completely harmless. Most electric nail files are powerful machines which work at speeds as high as 20,000 RPM. If not used with proper care, they can easily damage your nails but it is not rocket science to use them either. When they are used as per the instructions, they can perform a variety of functions.
They can be used to shape your nails according to your wish, sculpt them, shorten them, or can also get rid of nail enhancements that you do not like anymore. Lastly, they can be used for repairing any cracks in your nails or for removing lifted acrylic. It is important for people that use electric nail files to have proper knowledge, even training if possible, before they start using them. Untrained technicians have been largely responsible for giving this awesome tool a bad name. Because of the learning required, these files are usually limited to salons because individual users don’t like to spend time on learning how to use them. With that being said, the best electric files have slowly started gaining traction even among individual users, and manufacturers are making them more convenient to use as well.
Callus Remover Innoo Tech Rechargeable Pedicure Foot File
  • RioRand Complete Electric Nail Drill Kit
  • Weight: 300g (10.7ounces)
  • Power:100-240V/50-60HZ
  • Speed: 3,000---20,000 rpm
  • Price:
  • VOGUE PROFESSIONAL ® 6300A Electric Nail file
  • Weight: 861g (30.3ounces)
  • Power:110-240V
  • Speed: 2000-20,000 rpm
  • Price:$$$
  • Benair Professional Electric Nail File
  • Weight: 300g (10.7ounces)
  • Power:100-240V/50-60HZ
  • Speed: 3,000---20,000 rpm
  • Price:$$
Callus Remover Innoo Tech Rechargeable Pedicure Foot File
  • Vogue Professional Electric Easy to use Nail File Drill
  • Weight: 295g (10.4 ounces)
  • Power:110-240V
  • Speed: 2000-35000 rpm
  • Price:
Callus Remover Innoo Tech Rechargeable Pedicure Foot File
  • VOGUE Professional ® / My Manicurist ® Electric Nail Drill 6400A
  • Weight: 907g (31.9ounces)
  • Power:110V
  • Speed: 2000-18,000 RPM
  • Price:$$

Electric Nail File Reviews

Benair Professional Electric Nail File

Benair Professional Electric Nail FileThe Benair Professional Nail File is one of the best electrical nail files in the industry. This nail file features the quality and high power that you need, yet is slim and light weight.
The speed mechanism is adjustable to the manicure and pedicure’s need. It conveniently includes the chrome plated bit attachments. Highly rated and very well priced – no wonder it is one of the best electric nail files on our list.

VOGUE Professional ® / My Manicurist ® Electric Nail Drill 6400A

VOGUE Professional ® : My Manicurist ® DrillThe Vogue Professional My Manicurist ® 6400A is one of the most complete electric nail drill kits available today. As far as the best electric nail files on this list go, this is one of my favorites.

It has lots of power with up to 18,000 rpm. Since it comes with 10 bits,  this is all you need to shaping, filing, buffing, acrylic nails, and nail art. For performance and quality, look no further. Best electric nail files can’t get any better than this.





RioRand Complete Electric Nail Drill Kit

RioRand Complete Electric Nail Drill KitThe RioRand Complete Electric Nail Drill Kit is a professional kit, perfect for salon use. This well made drill deserves all the hype around it. Its quality construction enables high torque, low noise and low vibration.

It comes with a forward and reverse function and a pedal for even more control. Be satisfied with choosing this one if this is the nail file you choose on our best electric nail files list.





VOGUE PROFESSIONAL ® 6300A Electric Nail file

VOGUE PROFESSIONAL ® 6300A Electric Nail Drill fileVogue Professional has done it again with their 6300A Electric Nail File. I personally believe this is the most popular one on the best electric nail files list. This simple, yet versatile drill comes just with a control box that packs a punch of 20,000 rpm.

It is great for acrylic nails or real nails as it comes with 5 diamond bits and 6 sanding bands. This is little higher in price, but its quiet, effective performance will not let you down.



Vogue Professional 26600 Slim Pro Electric Nail File

Vogue Professional 26600 Slim Pro Electric Nail FileThe Vogue Professional 26600 is one of their most popular, highest selling best electric nail files, and also one the most inexpensive.

Its slim design makes it easily portable, but it doesn’t take away from its versatility. At this great price point and performance, this electric nail drill has phenomenal value.





InnoLife Nail Art Electric File

InnoLife Nail Art Electric FileIf you really want the most inexpensive best electric nail files available, then look no further. Don’t think that quality is forsaken either. After a couple of manicures or pedicures at home, its performance will make up for those trips to the salon.

Its pen like design comes with 20,000 rpm performance, along with 6 bits for any task. Don’t think twice about buying it. Just get this nail drill.





Medicool Pedinova Pro Electric Nail Drill Kit

Medicool Pedinova Pro Electric Nail FIleThe Medicool Pedinova Pro Electric Nail Drill is high up on the scale of quality and performance. It is also high up on our best electric nail files list. You do get what you pay for and you will receive nothing but the best with this top of the line nail file. Its compact design makes it portable, yet its precision with 12 drill bits is very tough to beat.

If you are scared about not knowing what to do, it comes with a DVD to help you learn to get the best professional quality manicure and pedicure for under $100.




Medicool’s MED2191 Turbo File 2 Professional Electric Nail Filing System

Medicool's MED2191 Turbo File 2 Professional Electric Nail FileThe Medicool MED2191 Turbo File 2 Professional electric nail file is not as expensive as their Pedinova Pro, but it ranks very close to it. This is one of the best electric nail files for professionals. It has a variable speed feature and takes all 3/32 drill bits, which makes it a versatile, controllable machine to have. It comes highly rated, so if you want to go with Medicool product line and don’t want their Pedinova Pro, get their Turbo File 2 with confidence.




Beurer MP62 Electric Manicure Pedicure Kit w/Powerful Nail Drill

Beurer MPE 60 Electric Nail FileThe Beurer MPE 60 Electric Nail Drill is an electric nail file with nearly 5 star reviews, making it one of the best of the best sellers on Amazons best electric nail files list. It provides everything you need so you don’t have to even think about any other nail kit for professional quality hand and foot care.

It comes with 9 high quality nail bits, along with rotation control and speed control. It is even portable. You won’t regret it when you buy this!



BESDATA Electric Nail File Kit

BESDATA Electric Nail File KitThe BESDATA Electric Nail File Kit is one the most comprehensive kits available for professional technicians or at home use. Its comes fully equipped with everything you could possibly think you would need for manicures or pedicures. It comes with 36 drill bits and 6 sanding bands! It has rotation control, speed control, and even a pedal.

At just over $50 dollars, this kit is hard to beat. This is the last product on our best electric nail files list but it definitely should not be overlooked.

Most Common Things an Electric Nail File Can Be Used For

Using an electric file can most definitely save a lot of time for professionals and users at home. It comes in handy, where fast service is concerned along with benefits such as repairing cracks, grooming natural nails and a lot more. Some of the uses for electric nail file are listed below, proving the machine can be very useful and essential in nail manicure programs.


Removing Lifted Acrylic

While artificial nails have certainly found a big market for themselves, often the salons come face to face with the problem of Removing Lifted Acryliclifted acrylics, quite common among artificial nails.

Causes: There could be many causes for the problem of lifted acrylic. The problems generally occur due to inappropriate amount of grains in the product or due to  disproportionate filing at different angles and so on.

Prevention: With the amount of money spent on nails, noone would like to have uplifted nails which not only looks ugly but also render a fake look. Here is the solution to tone down the complaints regarding the same. The first and foremost thing to keep in mind here is, the use of the tapered bit of the electric nail file.

        Step 1 includes paying special attention to the area close to the cuticles. It is very important to provide the nail with a natural look which could easily be done by thinning the regrowth of the acrylic near the cuticle. One should remain careful while doing this as the cuticles tend to be very sensitive and any carelessness could easily draw blood.

       Step 2 stands for smoothening the upper layer of the nail. Start with a horizontal, side to side, motion, all the while keeping the drill bit flat against the nail. Once the product is clear, join the sealed and loose acrylic using the one- stroke method on the nails. After that, clear out any remaining residue that may be left over the product. Be sure to be thorough with the cleaning of the product.

      Step 3 is filing the nails. This step is not as hard, but sometimes a problem arises when a small white shadow makes its appearance around the already polished nails. There is no need to worry about that as it would not be visible underneath the acrylic anyhow. The experts advise to just avoid the white shadow and continue the work of filing as usual.

The three steps mentioned above are to be performed carefully, following the safety instructions that accompany the electric nail file kit.


Repairing a Crack

When it comes to acrylic nails, appearance of cracks is the problem that is faced by most users, every now and then.Repairing a Crack

Causes: There are many many factors that could be responsible for the appearance of cracks on the nail. Sometimes the product is applied on the nails with higher pressure, rendering them too thin, so that cracks are bound to appear. Also, there is the possibility that the sides are over-filed, which make the nails weak at the center. Not taking proper care or infrequent filing could also serve as a reason for the growth of an arch, causing stress on the sides that leads to breaks.

Prevention: The complaint regarding cracks seem to be never ending. This is a persistent problem with acrylic nails, and a permanent solution can be easily attained with the help of an electric nail file. For the removal of the crack one must use the diamond bits with the electric nail file in your hand. Diamond bits work best for tackling this issue.

The cracks must be given immediate attention so that they could be refrained from growing any further. As soon as the crack appears, one must start working on it. The cracks are to be concentrated upon much before preparing the nail. Even if the nail is still smooth and shiny, the slight definition of a crack should still be taken care of.

Start the process by drilling out the crack while using a low speed that could range from 3,500-6,000 RPM. The speed of the filer generally depends on the machine being used for the cause. Keep in mind to never go too slow while doing this as it may cause vibrations in the machine which will end up in the production of air bubbles inside the nail.

The pressure must be applied in a pattern, starting from the outer area of the nail, followed by the area which is near the crack. Do not overdo the buffing while trying to remove the crack. Go on with layer by layer removal where only the material which is necessary for the repair is removed.


Preparing For a Full Set

For artificial nail application, one of the most important steps is to get the nails ready for the full set. The productivity level and the quality of the product depends mostly on preparation. If done properly, it ensures that the nail will stay put for a longer period of time and also reduces the chances of lifting.

Different types of bits could be used for the preparation of nails. The user may use a fine sanding band or a coarse silicon bit. The steps to be followed for better results are as follows:


       Step 1: The user must be careful with the bit grabbing onto the skin, while in operation. To avoid any skin damages, one must push back the cuticles. The step must be taken forward with utmost care on the part of the user, whether doing it on themselves or someone else. This is important as the cuticles are extremely sensitive and any mistakes could lead to bleeding.

Step 2: One must also take care of the surface of the nail by making it plain and smooth for further steps. To ensure the smoothness of the nail, hold the bit flat against the nail at a speed of 2,000 RPM. Move the bit on the surface of the nail from left to right. Make sure to cover every available space on the nail by moving the bit back and forth. Be careful with the amount of  pressure used in the process and always lift the bit away from the nail after a few strokes, so that the nail does not heat up.

Step 3: Make sure that the bit is not angled on the nail. It may break or may even cause some damage. Bring the bit to the cuticles on the nail and remove any dead skin that may be present there. Be extra careful with the removal of dead skin and keep it into consideration that only excess skin is removed.

Step 4: Always remain completely comfortable with the use any of the hand positions. Adjust the hand to keep it in a convenient manner so that it is easy to work on. The file should be free and easy to maneuver around all the nails on the hand or toes for perfect filing.


Working On the Natural Nail

An electric nail file could be as safe as a regular nail file on a natural nail, if the treatment is done properly by using the right method and bits.

Though electric nail files can be used to work on natural nails, one must take great care and should be familiar with the pressure, procedure and speed required. But even if the user is unsure of the procedure involved, the step-by-step instruction given below will help in guiding the user through the process. The type of bit that works best while working on the natural nail is the extra- fine sanding board bit or the silicon bit.


Step 1: Expose and remove the dead skin of the nails by pushing back the cuticle gently. After that, smoothen out the texture of the nail and remove the creases formed on it by applying a drill-friendly oil along with the bit. It is believed that oil helps in the smooth functioning of the bit around the nail as it easily makes contact across the skin.

While moving over and around the nail, ensure that the bit is kept flat across the nail. The bit speed must range from 2,500-6,000 RPM. Move the bit from one lateral fold to another, while keeping it horizontal to the surface of the nail. Circle the bit around the excess dead skin to remove it from the nail.

Step 2: With the use of an extra-fine sanding band and drill oil, keep on moving the bit horizontally over the surface, from one lateral fold to another. Cover every available space on the nail with the bit. Gradually bring the bit up on the cuticle, keeping it flat all the while.

Step 3: To bring shine and glow to the nail, one can use a cotton buffer to buff it in a circular motion. Using a buffing cream further helps in achieving your desired results. After the process of buffing is done, the nail must be pampered with a massage of cuticle oil. This helps in maintaining smooth and shiny nails until it gradually grows out.


Finishing a Nail

For a smooth, polished and perfect looking nail, electric nail file could certainly be pegged as the best tool. It provides the nail with a finished look that is more satisfying for users. The following step-by-step description could help in the process of finishing with the help of an electric nail file. The drill bit that could be used for finishing are – extra-fined diamond bit and a medium barrel, carbide or diamond.

Step 1: The first thing that should be done is taking down the side walls. It is important to give a perfect shape to the nail. Though it takes a lot of practice to gain the perfect shape, beginners may use a pencil to draw out the shape of the nail before starting the process.

Step 2: The nail is already shortened after the first step. Now for shaping the nails, apply pressure on it to reach the desired length. Move the bit in a horizontal motion going across the nail from sidewall to sidewall. All the while, keep the bit speed in between 5,000 – 12,000 RPM. Professionals can easily support the nail tightly against the vibrations. With practice, this should be made a practice at home as well because it makes working on your nails more comfortable and you will eventually learn to keep your hand still.

Step 3: While coming near the cuticle area, keep the bit parallel to the nail. The speed of the bit which was up to 12,000 RPM on the nail sidewall, must be reduced by 5,000 RPM and kept under 7,000 RPM near the cuticle area as this area is more sensitive than the sidewalls.

Step 4: In the end, the smoothening of the nail must be done with an extra-fine diamond bit along with a drill- friendly oil. It should be kept in mind to not use cuticle oil in the process of smoothing the nails. It may damage and clog the electric nail file.


Top 5 Electric Nail File Brands

Completely dedicated to beauty products for women, this company offers a whole slew of nail care products and tools. Benair’s products have always made a lasting impact with the customers because of their high quality. From LED Nail Dryers to nail art brushes, the brand offers a complete set of nail care products. Many Benair products, take for instance the Benair Professional Electric Nail File, have been constantly touted as one of the best products available in the market in their class. This nail file has become synonymous with quality and performance. It even comes with multiple speed settings, which can be easily adjusted, and the nail file is very easy to use. The ergonomic design of the hand piece and the compact size makes it really easy to use. It is also lightweight, which means that you can hold the file for long durations without straining your hands. The chrome-plated attachments and the variety of bits available make it a versatile tool to shape, buff and polish the nails. The adjustable speed makes the tool useful for both natural and acrylic nails. The high utility and user-friendliness of the product make it a best seller. The customers love the product and constantly rate it among the best products.

Vogue ProfessionalVogue Professional
This brand needs no introduction. A world renowned brand, Vogue is built on the philosophy of quality and durability. The 30-year old brand offers some of the best beauty care products available out there. It includes nail drills, sanding bands, LED and UV nail dryers, eyelash curlers, and so on. Their My ManicuristTM range products for nail care have become standard items in many professional salons. The company also offers a wide range of high quality drill bits with its electric drills. The nail drill from Vogue Professional works well with all kinds of standard bits, making it really easy to add more bits to the kit or to replace any. The drill is powerful and highly adjustable. Its speed can range from a gentle 2,000 RPM to a high 35,000 RPM. This expands the utility of the tool, which can be used for both soft natural nails and hard acrylic nails. It is also extremely helpful in removing dead skin and calluses. Then there is the lightweight and slender hand piece that is really easy to work with. These and many other features make Vogue Professional a force to reckon with in a highly competitive market for nail drills.

RioRand is a Canadian technology company that has interests in a variety of sectors, including automotive, electronics, beauty and personal care, home improvement, and more. They offer a large variety of consumer products that are well-known for their innovation and practicality. The brand also offers a number of options when it comes to nail drills. From a basic home nail art kit to a professional salon-style nail care system, they have it all. The hand piece on all their nail drill sets are ergonomic in design and easy to maneuver. They come with a variety of attachments that do everything from filing to polishing the nails. The bits that accompany the kits last multiple uses and are easily available in the market. The machine itself has a solid build and lasts for many years, if used with care. Some of the kits even come with a stand for the hand piece, a foot pedal and other such accessories. The RioRand electric nail drills are easy to use and the attached manuals make it easier to operate them. RioRand is a company that constantly innovates and comes up with new designs and features in their products. Naturally, their products are very user-friendly and reliable, and have earned this brand a place on this list.

Medicool has a huge range of products on offer. These range from body wash, scrubs, hair styling products, make up, nail care tools and accessories and what not, for both men as well as women. This is one of the most popular brands among nail technicians. Its nail files are well known for their reliability and the outstanding results that they deliver. Their wide range of nail files includes PediNova Pro, Medicool File Stream Podiatry Drill, Medicool Pro Vac, and so on. They are among the most used in professional salons, spas and elsewhere commercially. Then there are electric nail files for home use like the Medicool Turbo file, Medicool Nail Glide, Medicool Pro Power, and other models. The company also offers a whole range of drill bits to complement their high-end machinery. There are the rare diamond bits, powerful sanding bands, fine bits, coarse bits, mandrel bits, and so on. These not only help in keeping the nails in shape and retain their shine, but are also really effective in keeping the feet soft by removing calluses and other dead skin. All products from Medicool also come with detailed manuals to guide the user through the functioning of the machinery.

Revlon is a world renowned American brand that offers cosmetics, perfumes, skin care and general personal care products. Headquartered in New York and established in 1932, the company has a history of offering premium quality products to its customers. The electric nail files are no exception to this. They have only taken forward this legacy of the company and become one of the best products in the industry. The files come in an elegant and compact packaging that makes them easy to store and travel with. But don’t be fooled by their size. Revlon files are powered by some really impressive motors. They are good for any kind of manicure or pedicure job. The hand piece has a practical design that is easy to hold and work for extended duration. The files usually have a long cord accompanying them, which makes them very convenient to use from anywhere in the room. The company also offers a variety of drill bits that help in filing, sanding, buffing and shining the nails. Moreover, these bits can also be used to remove the dead skin around the toes, layer by layer to get soft and supple feet. The brand power backing the product ensures that the nail drills are durable. These can be used at home or in commercial settings as well.